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Online PD Destinations Go-to resources for educators EduCore Created by: ASCD For: Teachers, administrators, educators Registration: Not required, but it allows special access to certain features Features: Aggregates professional-development resources, lesson plans, and learning modules to help educators implement the common standards in their classrooms. Created and maintained by the Alexandria, Va.-based ASCD with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the website is divided into three categories: general common core, math tools, and literacy tools. Teachers will find videos, PDFs, websites, and other resources to help them prepare for the transition to the common standards. Those who register can bookmark items that will then appear in the “My Resources” tab. Registered participants will also be allowed to create journal entries, where they can jot down notes about the resources they find. Although the site does not have social-networking capabilities yet, allowing teachers to interact on the site and share ideas and best practices is a goal, according to ASCD. MyGroupGenius Created by: modules, and support services to help teachers implement the common standards. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation For: Teachers Registration: Invitation only (for now) Features: Aims to provide an online Illustrative Mathematics Created by: space where teachers can exchange ideas and best practices about integrating the common standards into their curricula. The website is currently being piloted with a small group of teachers but it will be rolled out to all teachers in the future. MyGroupGenius will host resources and tools created by the Literacy Design Collective and the Math Design Collective, both of which are also funded by the Gates Foundation. Both collaboratives are in the process of creating instructional tools, professional-development learning Institute of Mathematics and Education, University of Arizona For: Teachers and other educators Registration: Not required, but it allows special access to certain features Features: Creates tasks for each common-core math standard that illustrate the central meaning of the standard and its connection to other standards, clarifies what is new about the standard, and provides instructional tools and lesson plans related to the standard. The tasks are written by teachers, mathematicians, and other educators and reviewed by both a math expert and a classroom expert before they are posted to the website. The standards are divided between the K-8 and high school levels, and are then broken down by grade. Registered users can comment on and rate tasks as well as submit tasks for review. The leaders of Illustrative Mathematics say they hope to increase the social-networking capabilities of the site, such as adding a feature that will automatically notify a user if a comment he or she posted has drawn a response. The project, which is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has about 500 tasks so far and aims to reach at least 2,000. 30 >>

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Digital Directions - Fall 2012
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Digital Directions - Fall 2012