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COMMON CORE 12 better measures of student skills and knowledge. 14 Tailoring the Tests To Special Needs? Meeting the Challenges of Shifting to Adaptive Testing _The goal is to build >> 36 33 42 Virtual Ed. Dives In to the Common Core_E-learning advocates are optimistic about Daryl Peveto / LUCEO_for Digital Directions Questions raised about adaptive assessments. 18 technology leaders are considering when they choose what devices to buy. 19 Bandwidth Demand Rising Choosing the Right Device_A look at the issues School technology needs grow faster in preparation for commoncore testing. DEFYING TRADITION: Lindsay High School students work together during a history class. The Lindsay Unified School District in California is putting a competency-based education system in place at all grade levels that emphasizes digital learning. school districts are worried that the technology demands of the common core could create a perfect storm of digital challenges. Chris Whetzel_for Digital Directions Are You Ready?_Many the common standards’ emphasis on digital learning. by the adoption of common-core standards by nearly every state, the movement for open digital resources is growing as educators realign curricula. 21 Open Education Resources Surge_Spurred 26 29 digital upgrades for the common core will take a creative redistribution of resources. the profile of online training programs for educators. 30 Online PD Destinations Go-to resources for educators. Where’s the Money?_Paying for High-Priority Virtual PD_Common core raises DEPARTMENTS 4 EDITOR’S NOTE 6 DD SITE VISIT 8 BITS & BYTES_News and Trends 46 SECURITY_Online Testing Education Week Digital Directions [ISSN: 1940-8609] is published by Editorial Projects in Education Inc. Editorial and business offices: 6935 Arlington Rd., Suite 100, Bethesda, MD 20814-5287; (301) 280-3100. For advertising information, call (301) 280-3100 or e-mail Copyright © 2012 by Editorial Projects in Education Inc. All rights reserved. COVER ILLUSTRATION: Dan Tero_iStockphoto; Laura Baker, Gina Tomko_Digital Directions

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Digital Directions - Fall 2012
Editor's Note
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Bits & Bytes
Shifting to Adaptive Testing
Tailoring the Tests To Special Needs?
Choosing the Right Device
Bandwidth Demand Rising
Are You Ready?
Where’s the Money?
High-Priority Virtual PD
Online PD Destinations
Virtual Ed. Dives In to the Common Core
Open Education Resources Surge

Digital Directions - Fall 2012