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COVER STORY 24 Digital Badges_Initiatives seek to give students permanent online records for developing specific skills. 26 Lessons From Higher Education_Colleges use digital badges to replace traditional grading. >> FEATURES 12 Game On_As more schools integrate digital games into learning, programs are evolving to turn students into bona fide video-game designers. After-school programs geared toward mobile-app development aim to engage students in technical and entrepreneurial pursuits. 18 Applicable Knowledge_ Sarah Rice_Digital Directions 32 Competitive Edge_New AFTER-SCHOOL APPS: Elisabeth Soep, left, the head of the Mobile Action Lab at Youth Radio in Oakland, Calif., observes a lesson for teenagers about app development and programming. 18 vendors jockeying for position in the unsettled market for learning-management systems seek to innovate with their products and fulfill districts’ evolving needs. ED-TECH PERSPECTIVE 38 Recognizing 32 46 48 Q&A the 2012 National Online Teacher of the Year, Leslie Fetzer. | Making the Online Connection_Interview with OPINION | Making Room for Mobiles_Instead of banning or ignoring mobile technologies, educators should seek ways to leverage them for teaching and learning, write Mark West and Steven Vosloo. seeking ways to receive credit for nontraditional, online professional-development opportunities. Online PD_Educators are 42 Ready or Not_A new DEPARTMENTS 4 6 8 50 EDITOR’S NOTE DD SITE VISIT BITS & BYTES_News and Trends DATA DELIVERY_Virtual Education readiness tool will provide a national snapshot of school technology in preparation for common-core online assessments in 2014-15. Education Week Digital Directions [ISSN: 1940-8609] is published by Editorial Projects in Education Inc. Editorial and business offices: 6935 Arlington Rd., Suite 100, Bethesda, MD 20814-5287; (301) 280-3100. For advertising information, call (301) 280-3100 or e-mail Copyright © 2012 by Editorial Projects in Education Inc. All rights reserved. COVER ILLUSTRATION: Anastasia Vasilakis_Digital Directions

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Digital Directions - Spring/Summer 2012
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Digital Directions - Spring/Summer 2012